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What are the age ranges for your events?

We do not have age restrictions on our events as everyone is looking for something different.  We do ask for ages when people book so if you are really concerned about who is attending you are able to drop us a message to ask.

Do people come to the events alone?

Yes! We get so many signing up and coming on their own, we are both there at each event to look after everyone and always sit those attending alone with each other before the event starts, we have definitely had lots of new friendships made this way.

I am shy and nervous to attend, what can I expect?

Almost everyone attending for their first time is nervous, from our own personal experience and from feedback nerves go fade away as soon as the event starts, trying something new and meeting new people can cause you to be a little apprehensive, but everyone who is nervous before starting always come back to us to say that they were glad they attended and would come again.

What happens when I match with someone?

We hand back your sheets (don’t worry no announcing over the microphone) we always encourage you to talk after, but this is totally down to you.

Have you had any success stories?

Yes!  Every event we always get matches, sometimes up to 80% of attendees get one or more matches, and of course from matches comes dates.  That we know of we have had three couples that have moved in together and waiting for our first proposal.

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